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July 4, 2022 11:14 pm

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Selected Articles Review

1. Podcasts from Michael_Novakhov (21 sites): Newshour: Outrage mounts at death sentences given to soldiers captured in Ukraine

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The German government described the sentences as “shocking.” We hear from a friend of Brahim Sa-Adoune, one of the three. And we also hear about the increased risk of cholera and other deadly diseases in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Also on the programme; the film maker whose footage of the January 6th riots in Washington formed part of the evidence at the congressional hearing. And we hear about the royal warship that sank off the east coast of Britain more than 300 years ago, the discovery of which was kept secret for 15 years.

(Picture: From left to right, Aiden Aslin, Brahim Saadoun and Shaun Pinner, who were sentenced to death. Credit: Itar- Tass)

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