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US spies helped Ukraine slaughter eight of Putin’s generals and at least 300 officers | Daily Mail Online

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  • US spies have helped Ukraine kill eight Russian generals and more than 300 officers since Putin’s forces entered the country, US officials have revealed
  • The US has been providing real-time intelligence to Ukrainian forces since Russia invaded the country in February, former and current U.S. officials said
  • On Tuesday, an analysis by independent Russian outlet revealed that 317 officers of junior lieutenant rank and above have been killed in Putin’s invasion
  • A third of the casualties came from the most senior grades – major or above – including eight generals and the deputy commander of Russia’s Black Sea fleet
  • Last week, in one of the most recent blows to Russia’s army, Moscow admitted another officer, Col. Mikhail Nagamov, had been killed in battle April 13
  •  His death was announced hours after the death of Alexander Chirva, captain of the Caesar Kunikov tank landing ship – which was blown up by a Ukraine air strike
  • The steady stream of high-ranking soldier deaths comes as it’s been estimated 22,000 Russian troops have been slain in combat by the Ukrainian army
  • Major General Vladimir Frolov, meanwhile, one of Putin’s most senior officers, was also killed earlier this month – the eighth general to die 
  • US officials say those deaths were only made possible by American intelligence, revealing Tuesday they have been in a partnership with Ukraine’s government 
  • The US officials said the Ukraine is being feed the locations of where Russians are based, as well as where Russia is planning to bomb 

By Alex Hammer For Dailymail.Com

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