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The News And Times Blog Posts Headlines: 12:38 PM 1/19/2021 – Volodimir The Boss: What did you know and when did you know it?!

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12:38 PM 1/19/2021 – Volodimir The Boss: What did you know and when did you know it£! | Clinton suggests Putin may have known about riot in Capitol, Pelosi wants 9/11 commission-type probe | You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton
Trump tried to act like a mob boss. Instead he’s just a thug. – Selected Articles Headlines – 11:27 AM 1/19/2021
Review of Latest Posts – 9:44 AM 1/19/2021
Latest Posts Headlines – The News And Times Blog
Kremlin brushes off Western calls to release Navalny – Seattle Times 19/01/21 08:00
5:21 AM 1/19/2021 – “Much of the Trump-Russia story is still unknown”. And much of the Trump-Germany story is even more unknown, just like Melania-Germany-Russia story, I would add. – M.N. | Selected Articles In Brief: 19/01/21 05:09 – 14/01/21 06:09 » Russia: the spectre that loomed over Trump’s presidency
3:24 AM 1/19/2021 – Tweets: FBI arrests Capitol rioter, 22, accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop to ‘sell it to Russian spies’ | Pentagon Accelerates Efforts to Root Out Far-Right Extremism in the Ranks | Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Analyzes The Violent Riot At The Capitol | Capitol Riot as the military operation | Health workers refusing vaccine is new growing US problem | 35% of healthcare workers reluctant to receive COVID vaccine. | Americans increasingly skeptical of COVID vaccine, poll finds
3:32 PM 1/18/2021 – Selected Articles Review: How Biden era could kickstart coordinated approach to Russia – The Guardian | Capitol rioter accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop with plans to sell it to Russian intelligence: Feds
2:05 PM 1/18/2021 – Why the FBI is vetting the National Guard ahead of the inauguration | Capitol rioter plotted to sell stolen Pelosi laptop to Russian intelligence
12:55 PM 1/18/2021 – Pelosi: “With you, Mr. President, all roads lead to Putin.” | ”FBI probes if Capitol rioter stole Pelosi laptop to sell to Russia | Feds seeking Harrisburg woman accused by her ex of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during Capitol riot – The Philadelphia Inquirer | Shared Links and Audio Posts
10:58 AM 1/18/2021 – To incite the Civil War in America was the most cherished dream of the Russian Ruling Mafia (under whatever names and titles they go) for decades.
Among the Insurrectionists at the Capitol – By Luke Mogelson
8:33 AM 1/18/2021 – FBI Vetting Guard Troops; New Footage Goes Inside Capitol Siege: Horror, horror, and horror! | A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege | The New Yorker
7:18 AM 1/18/2021 – Tweets by ‎@mikenov
Headlines Audio Review – January 18, 2021 – 6:30 AM
5:24 AM 1/18/2021 – Latest Posts Review – The News And Times Blog: Capitol ‘zip ties’ suspect’s mother arrested, charged with conspiracy
2:45 AM 1/18/2021 – Capitol ‘zip ties’ suspect’s mother arrested, charged with conspiracy
1:27 AM 1/18/2021 – Gleb Pavlovsky: “In 2021 we will see the radicalization of both the Russian Society and Power (Kremlin and the “Siloviks”). We should expect more politically motivated murders from Putin and FSB. Get ready.”
» Alexey Navalny detained on return to Moscow five months after being poisoned – CNN 17/01/21 13:30
Voice of America – English: Israel OKs Hundreds of Settlement Homes in Last-Minute Push
6:19 AM 1/17/2021 – Tweets: “Much is still unknown about the planning and financing of the storming of the Capitol” | How was Capitol riot organized£ | The US Military is targeted, mostly for the propaganda purposes in these cases. By whom£ By the military opponent£ As the retaliation for Iraq War£ As the retaliation for WW2£
6:02 PM 1/16/2021 – You could smell that those demonstrators were nicely paid and enjoyed staging the show. The Capitol attackers were nicely compensated also, it seems.
4:15 PM 1/16/2021 – Both “MAGA” and “Al Qaeda” stem from the same source and have the same parents, that is why they look like siblings. We may call this interesting family by the variety of different names: KGB, GRU, FSB …
Covid-19 originated in mink and on the mink farms, and then spilled over to other animals and humans.
12:47 PM 1/16/2021 – SARS-CoV-2 spillover events | Science – By Peng Zhou, Zheng-Li Shi: “Notably, there is limited evidence of animal-to-human transmission of SARS-CoV-2 except for mink.” | Mink may be host of coronavirus’ origin: China’s ‘Bat Woman’ | Unknowns remain about coronavirus origins


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