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Raymond Ibrahim: Why Christians Are Disappearing From the Middle East

“Dozens of Christians are massacred … macheted to death, locked in their churches and burned alive.”
Raymond Ibrahim, author of the new book “Defenders of the West,” has been tracking persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries for decades—from Nigeria to Iran. He says this pattern has become so routine, widespread, and violent that it constitutes what he calls a “drip genocide.”
Ibrahim discusses the history of Christians in the Middle East, growing anti-Christian sentiment in the West, and the false narratives perpetuated by much of the media, academia, Hollywood, and international organizations, such as the United Nations.
“Christian women who fled from Muslim countries and went to some European nation and they were granted asylum … and now at work, they get fired because their little cross, for example, shows,” says Ibrahim. “Whether it’s Islamic radicalization, or extremism, or whether it’s, you know, this militant leftism … Christians have quickly fallen out of favor.”…