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Nineteen massacred in three days in one state. When will we say enough is enough? | Jill Filipovic

Why does America allow civilians to amass weapons of war, but not to live free of a constant threat of random violence?

Three days. Three mass shootings. One state. Nineteen dead.

These numbers are stark enough that, in a sane society, they’d engender outrage and then change. But this is the United States, and when it comes to our tolerance of mass gun deaths, we are truly exceptional. Thanks to our feckless supreme court and the Republican party death cult, even the most progressive parts of the country have no real ability to crack down on guns and keep their residents safe. We are collectively stuck living in a dangerous, weapon-happy dystopia, all because reactionary, fearful conservatives want to cosplay as tough guys with deadly toys.

Jill Filipovic is the author of the The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness

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