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Miller Lite Boycott Calls Grow Over ‘Woke’ Beer Advertisement

Miller Lite is facing a growing backlash over an advertisement that appears to apologize for imagery of women clad in bikinis in beer commercials that some social media influencers say is a “woke” ad campaign.
“Women were among the very first to brew beer, ever,” actress Ilana Glazer said in the expletive-laden advertisement that showed her walking through a brewery. “From Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages to colonial America, women were the ones doing the brewing. Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis.”
The advertisement then shows Glazer walking through a room with prior Miller Lite advertisements that features women in bikinis. Glazer drops a picture in a nearby garbage can, saying: “It’s time beer made it up to women.” In a subsequent news release, the company announced the Glazer partnership and advertisement….