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Martha’s Vineyard claims no jobs for illegal immigrants sent by DeSantis (but the local paper shows over 50 job openings)

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MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA- Sorry…no room at the inn. No jobs either…at least that’s the official word. Perhaps they should have checked the local paper first.

America’s superstar governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) shipped 50 illegals to Obama’s backyard, the toney island community of Martha’s Vineyard, located just off the Massachusetts coast.

After all, as a liberal enclave that overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden, surely the residents of Martha’s Vineyard support his policies, including the one which has opened the southern border.

Moreover, as a liberal utopia where most would seemingly support Massachusetts’ identity as a “sanctuary state,” surely they could accept a mere 50 illegals shipped up via airplane to their community.

Illegals Arrive On Martha’s Vineyard Courtesy of Gov Ron DeSantis

— Mr Producer (@RichSementa) September 15, 2022

After all, shouldn’t they be willing to “share the load” so to speak? Why should only Texas, Arizona and to a lesser extent California and New Mexico have to bear the burden? Or Florida, where Biden has shipped thousands of illegal immigrants. Gov. DeSantis just wants to share the wealth, so to speak.

Alas Martha’s Vineyard, which even posts signs telling everyone how “inclusive” they are, is all bluster and no action. While their sign states they “stand with immigrants, with refugees, with indigenous peoples…” they really don’t mean it.

“We don’t have any place to put these people!” they cry. The coordinator of the island’s homeless shelter, Lisa Belcastro had a virtual meltdown during an interview with the Cape Cod Times, Gateway Pundit reports.

“The difficult challenges are—we have to, at some pint in time they [illegals] have to move from here to somewhere else—we cannot, we don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants and we certainly don’t have housing. We’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island! We can’t house everyone that lives here and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people.”

US govt provides up to 120 days of resettlement support after a refugee(legal or illegal) has been granted asylum. These 50 are all asylum seekers and have already been processed. Lisa Belcastro needs to stop being a mouthpiece for the rich and entitled.

— Boston Radio Watch® (@bostonradio) September 15, 2022

That might have been true about three weeks ago, but that is no longer the case. Once Labor Day rolls around, the population of the Vineyard dwindles significantly,

So what about those thousands of hotel rooms? Clearly the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can afford to put these individuals up for a while, like the whole winter while they seek a permanent solution, can’t they?

As Gateway Pundit notes, “Martha’s Vineyard happily hosts thousands of tourists every summer, however when 50 poor illegals are dumped on the island it is a “humanitarian crisis” but 4.2 illegal immigrants in 19 months is a secure border.”


US News & World Report actually found a number of nice hotels and inns on the island that would be more than suitable for these Florida refugees. Ah, but those rooms are only reserved for the beautiful people. Hey, maybe Barack Obama, or John Kerry have room at their huge mansions. Maybe James Taylor, or Meg Ryan?

‘We don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants.’

— The Western Journal (@WestJournalism) September 16, 2022

Oh, but we’re told there are no jobs on the island either now that it’s “off-season” and all.

Ah, but that would be a bit of hyperbole. In fact, the Vineyard Gazette, which published a story bemoaning the arrival of the 50 earlier last week. They also spoke about a “community effort” which was “in a typical Vineyard fashion” of helping to coordinate temporary housing for the illegals, at least until they could be shipped off the island as fast as they can.

Ironically, the Vineyard Gazette’s classified section listed no less than 50 jobs in their classified section. Those position included positions for laborers, custodians, landscapers, bakers, cooks, dishwashers, technicians, library assistant and several retail positions, the Epoch Times reported.

Meanwhile it is also reported that a local supermarket chain is famous for looking for help throughout the entire year. In addition, the local YMCA also offered a number of positions, and in fact shares a complex with the Martha’s Vineyard Community Services which ironically ran an ad seeking a “bilingual preferred” administrative assistant. Perfect!

The Epoch Times came across some locals enjoying lunch at the local airport and they said that while the dearth of summer jobs has ended, there are still plenty of job opportunities on the island.

So…no housing, and no jobs, Yet there seems to be plenty of both. In fact, one of the locals told the outlet that the three grocery stores, part of the Stop & Shop chain have worker dormitories, which are “now empty” with most of the summer help having left the island. Hmmm. Jobs and housing.

Yet despite the plethora of jobs being offered on the Vineyard Gazette, some insist there are no jobs available, including Charles Rus, music director at St. Andrews, an episcopal church in the town of Edgartown where the illegals were housed.

“There’s space but there’s no job,” he said.

Rus disputed the notion illegals were being forced off the island, claiming that they had to do so for “practical reasons” such as attending court hearings. Nothing of course to do with the fact the Martha’s Vineyard elite simply don’t want them there.

There was also some dispute apparently about whether Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker had prior notification of the flight’s arrival at the Martha’s Vineyard airport or if he didn’t, received pressure from somebody to get them off the island.

“I don’t think Baker woke up in the morning and said, ‘Hey I think I’ll take those 50 immigrants off the hands of Martha’s Vineyard,” said Richard Rooney, who lives on the island and owns a real estate agency.

Only 24 hours after their arrival, Baker approved the group’s transfer to a military base near Bourne on the Massachusetts mainland. Rooney also noted there are strict requirements at the local airport for unscheduled flights, leading to speculation Baker may have been tipped off ahead of times and set the wheels in motion to have the illegals removed.

Buses Arrive at Martha’s Vineyard and DEPORT Illegals Off the Island…Democrats are a bunch of lying hypocrites !! And they are using 125 Massachusetts National Guard to assist..So Abbott should do the same down at the border . Call his National Guard to deport them back!

— ShotGunBonnie (@ShotGun_Bonnie) September 16, 2022

According to the airport’s flight notification protocols, a 24-hour notification is required for any plane with more than nine passengers, and a passenger list must also be provided in advance.

Video footage from Fox News shows the illegals coming off the plane just after arriving in Martha’s Vineyard, again causing speculation.

Rooney questioned why, if the plane was “secretly” sent by DeSantis, there were media members at the airport filming the debarkation of the illegals.

An airport employee who answered a call from the Epoch Times said he was not permitted to speak to the press about the airport’s notification procedures.

Speculation about who contacted Baker if he didn’t indeed have foreknowledge about the flights is running rampant, with some suspecting the island’s most prominent resident, Barack Obama called Baker to have the illegals removed.

In fact Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl told the Epoch Times he has filed a FOIA request to find out who called Baker.

That would make sense, since a number of people had suggested Obama put up his multi-million dollar mansion as housing for the illegals. Perhaps they could have set up a tent city on the Obama’s expansive estate. Or maybe old Barry could have let them borrow a few rooms. After all, he has always been an advocate of no borders.

Meanwhile, the illegals have been removed, leaving the beautiful people of Martha’s Vineyard to once again virtue signal and lecture the rest of us about how “intolerant” we are.

However, they have been outed as a bunch of phony hypocrites who when it mattered, simply couldn’t cash the check they had been incessantly writing.

Gov. DeSantis even told Massachusetts he was going to do this way back in December when Florida’s budget was approved. For more on that, we invite you to:


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Police Chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

TALLAHASSEE, FL- There’s a saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” That is true in life and in politics, and for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, he just laid down the gauntlet for the Biden administration.

According to Fox News, DeSantis is proposing an $8 million budget allocation to take illegal aliens transported to the Sunshine State and ship them elsewhere…Martha’s Vineyard and Delaware, for example.

“In yesterday’s budget, I put in $8 million for us to be able to transport people here illegally out of the state of Florida,” America’s governor said at a Friday press conference.

“It’s somewhat tongue in cheek, but it is true, if you sent them to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day.”

The references were not so veiled shots at Biden, who is from Delaware as he constantly reminds us, and Barack Obama, who apparently has a “global climate change”-proof oceanfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

The allocation was included in DeSantis’s Freedom First Budget, which the governor says will protect against harm caused by illegal immigration. The money would be used for the transportation of unauthorized aliens from Florida to other states or the District of Columbia.

Neither the White House, nor the Obama Foundation responded to request for comment from The Epoch Times about DeSantis’s not-so-veiled shot at Biden and Obama.

In addition, DeSantis is encouraging more counties to participate in a program known as the 287(g) program, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program whereby anyone arrested on criminal charges and booked into county jails in Florida are asked about their immigration status. Another proposal would include the listing of convicted illegal aliens on a public website.

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has suggested sending illegal aliens to Delaware.

Last month, he said his office was exploring legal recourse after it was found the administration had sent some 70 flights full of illegal aliens to Jacksonville, Florida after they had been picked up along the southern border with Mexico.

“We’re going to get together and figure out what we can do in the immediate term to protect folks in Florida,” DeSantis told reporters at the time, explaining his options were limited due to federal controls on immigration policies.

He complained that if they are not doing that, “then clearly the state should be able to come in and provide protection, and so that’s what we’re going to be looking to do.”

“If they’re going to come here, we’ll provide buses,” DeSantis said. “I will send them to Delaware,” an obvious shot at Biden.

This week’s proposal, according to the Miami Herald, would be paid for by interest accrued from federal funds. In other words, Biden would be in essence paying to have illegal aliens ostensibly sent to his home state.

“One of the priorities that we’ve been working on for many months now, and we’ll continue to work with the legislature when they get back is dealing with the fallout from the reckless border policies of the Biden administration,” DeSantis said.

He promised his administration would be proposing a “series of legislative reforms” to push back against Biden’s open borders agenda, including barring any contractors who assist the administration transport migrants into and across Florida from future contracts with the state.

“We have a responsibility to stand up for the rule of law,” the governor said.

As most people are aware, Biden’s border policies have proven to be an abject disaster, with the Department of Homeland Security confirming they expected in excess of two million illegal aliens to cross the border by the end of this year. Republicans have slammed the administration’s inept response to what has amounted to an invasion at the southern border.

“Our immigration system is on fire, and bad policies are fanning the flames wrote Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), who represents the 23rd Texas Congressional District, which abuts the US-Mexico border, in a recent essay.

If DeSantis is looking for more places to send illegal aliens from Florida, might we suggest the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco, where Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) owns a multi-million dollar, 3,332 square foot mansion.

Another option would be Saint Helena, California, otherwise known as Napa Valley, where Pelosi owns a 16.55 acre vineyard with a 3,314 square foot home on it.

Or how about Manhattan, where MSNBC’s resident anti-white racist Joy Reid lives? We hear Roosevelt Island is nice this time of year. She also reportedly has a home in Pembroke Pines, FL., but DeSantis is trying to get these folks out of Florida.

Another stellar choice would be Beverly Hills, California, where a whole bevy of Hollywood loudmouths live who, if they are not hypocrites, should welcome any and all illegals from Florida. After all, they are more than happy to lecture the rest of us. Turnabout is fair play, right?

Martha's Vineyard claims no jobs for illegal immigrants sent by DeSantis (but the local paper shows over 50 job openings)

This isn’t the first time DeSantis suggested sending illegals to Delaware. For more on that, we invite you to:


TALLAHASSEE, FL- “America’s governor” strikes again.

On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) lit up Joe Biden and his useless Department of Homeland Security for sending illegal aliens into Florida without notifying his office (or anyone else in government for that matter), and suggested he may continue their trip and send them up to Delaware (where Biden’s home and vacation home are), according to Right Scoop. 

DeSantis said:

“Again, this is not something that we’re given ahead of time, this is something that we find after the fact. I talked to the folks at the Jacksonville Aviation Authority—feds come in, they do it, they’ve got a bus.

“My view would be why don’t we…if they’re going to come here, we’ll provide the buses…I will send them to Delaware. I mean, if he’s not going to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there.

“So we will do whatever we can in that regard. We are absolutely going to do everything we can.”

“I will send them to Delaware.”

— Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), using undocumented human beings as political pawns to threaten President Biden on border security.

— The Recount (@therecount) November 10, 2021

The Daily Wire reported the Florida governor’s remarks came after an illegal alien—who had posed as a minor but was actually in his early twenties—was flown to Florida where he murdered a father of four in Jacksonville.

“There’s no notification to the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “These are done mostly in the middle of the night. And it’s clandestine.

And we really have no say in it…I know when we initially got wind of this, it wasn’t through normal channels, it’s people in the federal government who are effectively leaking this to us so that we have a heads up on it.”

Here are the governor’s full remarks:

DeSantis noted the flights had started back in May, and said Florida law enforcement agencies are engaged in it.

The Florida governor, whose political stock has risen in the wake of his state’s successful navigation of the pandemic, said the state was looking at the possibility of going after contractors whom the administration was using to fly the illegal aliens into the state.

“We should be able to have consequences for those contractors and your ability to do business in Florida should absolutely be curtailed based on whether or not you’re bringing problems or not bringing problems,” he said.

DeSantis continued, slamming Biden’s plans to give reparations of a reported $450,000 apiece to illegals allegedly separated at the border from their families.

“The president has said that basically, they want to even pay reparations to people who came illegally, just think about that,” DeSantis said.

“You as an American, you get higher gas prices, you get higher grocery bills, you get told basically to just grin and bear it; someone breaks the law, comes illegally, and they’re going to cut him a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is just unbelievable. But that’s what we’re dealing with.”

DeSantis also noted that the state of Florida is suing the Biden administration in court, although he admitted they do not seem to care about what the courts say or the illegality of what they do.

“But even then, you saw what happened with the OSHA decision,” DeSantis said.

“It was stayed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, meaning not in effect, and what did the Biden administration say to businesses? ‘Ignore the court and follow our rule anyways.’

And so, I think they basically said, ‘No, to hell with these court decisions,’ they’re going to do whatever they feel like doing. And so that’s something that’s problematic, because we can even win in court, and they may disregard doing that,” he said.

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