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Gorge-Ous Ronda: Quintessentially Spanish

If you’re like most Americans, your image of Spain is actually the region of Andalucía, famous for windswept landscapes, whitewashed hill towns, flamenco, and gazpacho. While visitors gravitate to the region’s big cities of Granada, Sevilla, and Córdoba, Andalucía’s “Route of the White Hill Towns” (Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos)—a charm bracelet of cute villages perched in the sierras—offers a taste of wonderfully untouched Spanish culture.
Ronda, 80 miles southeast of Sevilla, is one of the largest of these whitewashed hill towns. It’s also one of the most spectacular, thanks to its gorge-straddling setting. Ronda is easy to visit because it’s one of the few hill towns with a train station. The real joy for travelers lies in exploring the winding back streets and taking in the panoramic views, gleaming white houses, and exuberant flowerpots….