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On Monday, April 4, 2022, as I was checking photos to send to someone in response to an inquiry about one of my ebay listings, I found a photo of the cover of the book “Willie Mosconi on Pocket Billiards” among my photos. It had been posted there sometime in the past few days, and I didn’t post it. There was no reason I would. It wasn’t there the last time I was working with my photos; which was in the latter part of last week in conjunction with uploading ebay items for sale.

I used to play pool in my younger days because I enjoyed the competition, the challenge of improvement, and the socializing at a pool parlor in Bridgeport that drew persons from all social strata from the surrounding communities from business executives from Westport to street people. As the FBI in its extensive research on me for my investigations into crime and corruption throughout the legal system knows, I used to spend time in the pool parlor. Thus in accordance with the FBI’s pathology and demented mental condition, at times as part of its characteristic, ingrained semantics of terrorism, the FBI employs symbols, images, and objects relating to pool. The FBI knows I will notice these especially, and thus be made aware of the FBI’s ominous, malignant presence in my life. Such pool-related images, etc., exemplify how the FBI tailors its witness intimidation and threats to aspects of the lives, activities, interests, relationships, etc., of particular individuals. There have been incidents at estate sales and auctions, interactions with FBI people (agents and stooges), and online contacts where I have received images, etc. (similar to the photo of the cover of the Mosconi book) relating to pool employed to inform me that the FBI remains busy in its witness intimidation of me and terrorism of me including death threats.

As the misdemeanor case against me for trespass at the Pequot Library in June 2019 progresses at the courthouse G. A. 2 in Bridgeport, CT, and my accusations of fabrication of evidence, witness intimidation, bribery, false statements to police officers, defamation, and conspiracy and even manslaughter and cover-up of this become exposed in the course of my pro se defense against the trespass charge, the FBI is escalating its witness intimidation of me (as anyone who knows anything about the FBI would expect). The cover of the Mosconi book on pool is the latest instance of this. I expect to encounter others when I go out later today and as I do errands throughout the week. Among these will be individuals acting menacingly toward me or standing at a distance holding a cell phone as if taking photos of me or talking on a cell phone while looking at me.

I mention the Mosconi book cover photos appearing among my photos stored on my computer not because this is a particularly menacing incident of the sort I often encounter — though it is surely ominous and disturbing — but because it serves to illustrate the latest stage of the FBI’s practices of fabrication of evidence and infiltration into the lives of individuals it regards as undesirable (as reflected in my calling a disturbing targeting incident at the Pequot Library an instance of FBI “social cleansing”) to itself and individuals and organizations it associates with to destabilize and threaten such undesirables businesses and social activities and interfere with and manipulate computer networks with obvious implications for fabricating and planting evidence.

Experienced and perceptive as I am now after about a decade of FBI targeting of me originating out of FBI affinities with central players of the Democratic Party in Connecticut — including the Pullman and Comley law firm, a major contributor to the party — during the Malloy administration when the FBI was working with the Hillary Clinton Democratic campaign committee to sabotage the Trump presidential campaign and later the Trump administration and then-chief state’s attorney John Bailey (q. v., the case Dillon v. Bailey for a picture of joint FBI and Bailey criminal activity a respected Connecticut state trooper connected with the chief state’s attorney’s office called out), I am announcing that I am available as consultant or witness regarding FBI treacheries which I have identified and touched on in this social-media posting.

I detest the treacheries I have experienced and witnessed being continually perpetrated by the FBI not only for my own sake, but also for the sake of many other individuals in my area of Fairfield County the FBI has targeted and abused and for the wellbeing and continuance of democratic society. The FBI has not yet finally undermined and destroyed democratic society with its campaign to accomplish this out of perversions peculiar to it given its resources and illusions (e. g., its agents are “special”) and objective of establishing a preferential and formative (q. v., treacheries relating to Trump) position in the burgeoning administrative-security state. But it continues to work at this. The larger topic of most of my social-media posts is the way the FBI is morphing as it maintains its central ambition of determining the nature and central, formative practices of the society after being thwarted in its efforts to get Hillary Clinton elected president. END