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Global Security News from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): 1. World from Michael_Novakhov (27 sites): Voice of America: China Jails Iconic Blogger Who Helped Others Evade Censorship

For those who followed the blog Program Think, it was little surprise that the China critic behind it had evaded authorities for over a decade.

Ruan Xiaohuan was just that good, and over time he became an icon, say those who followed his work.

“He’s a legend. He’s very famous among Chinese internet users who care about internet freedom,” said Yaqiu Wang, a researcher at Human Rights Watch. “He was the epitome of internet savviness. But in the end, the government still got him.”

After 12…

Voice of America

1. World from Michael_Novakhov (27 sites)

Global Security News from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites)