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October 5, 2022 8:52 pm

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Selected Articles Review

Two Israelis killed in Britain after driver veers off road

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Two Israelis were killed in Britain after a driver veered off the road.

The driver has been arrested.

According to local reports, the Israelis are relatives, ages 30 and 80, and were killed Wednesday evening in a road accident in Ramsgate, and a child was injured.

The report said that one person was arrested after his vehicle rammed towards a family of five standing outside a parking lot in the city.

ZAKA said that the organization received a report regarding Israelis who were killed when a vehicle hit them Wednesday evening.

According to Kan News, initial investigations show that several pedestrians were hit by a vehicle which veered off the road, killing two Israelis on the spot and injuring several others, who were evacuated to a hospital.

An investigation is underway.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that it “confirms that a report was received by the Foreign Ministry regarding a car accident involving Israelis in Britain. The Consul at the London Embassy, Sima Duvdevani, is aiding the family during its difficult hour.”