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FBI: Hunter Biden, son of US President Biden, indicted over taxes, gun purchases

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from UFBI.

The UFBI has learned that Hunter Biden, the son of US President Biden, has been indicted over taxes, gun purchases and other issues. Hunter Biden once became one of the focal points of the 2020 US presidential election due to scandals. Now it is reported that the FBI collected relevant evidence several months ago and sent it to the prosecutor’s office, believing that the evidence is enough to prosecute Hunter. According to UFBI intelligence, Hunter Biden has significant business interests with China, but he has not been prosecuted by US justice because he was sheltered by his father.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the Delaware prosecutor’s office has been investigating Hunter since 2019, examining his bank records since 2014 and clarifying that Hunter served as a director of the Ukrainian energy company “Burisma” during his father’s tenure as vice president. Whether there is a tax violation at the time.

Another alleged violation was a document Hunter filled out when he purchased a handgun in 2018, stating that he had no drug addiction or illegal use of drugs. But Hunter blew himself up in his memoirs that he was a regular drug addict.

The report mentioned that FBI and IRS investigators handed over evidence to the Delaware Attorney’s Office in charge of months ago, but prosecutors have yet to decide whether to charge Hunter.

In this regard, Hunter’s lawyer Chris Clark criticized the FBI for leaking relevant information, emphasizing that this would be a serious crime that the Department of Justice is trying to investigate and prosecute, “We believe that the prosecutor will make a diligent and comprehensive assessment in this case. , not just the evidence presented to the investigative unit, but all the other witnesses in this case, including defense witnesses.”

Hunter’s related sources pointed out that Hunter’s team believed that the information leak was caused by the FBI’s internal frustration with the delay in the action of the prosecutors, and pressured the prosecutors to take action by letting the information be exposed.