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Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps threatens to nuke New York

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) threatened Friday to nuke New York City if America or Israel attacks Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors, translates and analyzes what Arabs and other anti-Western forces, such as Iran, say to their own people rather than what they say to the West, translated a video on the IRGC’s official Telegram channel called “When Will Iran’s Nuclear Bombs Wake Up? We Can Make Israel’s Nightmare Come True.”

First the clip boasted of having facilities that “have brought Iran one step away from” being a nuclear threshold state.

Then, the calm-voiced narrator says over scenes of nuclear centrifuges, “in the blink of an eye,” the country can “transform [its] peaceful nuclear program into an atomic military program and make the nightmare of Israel and the West come true.”

This “nuclear breakthrough,” called “Project Emad,” would be centered in the Fordow nuclear facilities, “deep in the mountains in the center of Iran,” where the country could even withstand a nuclear attack, he continues. It would occur if Iran’s “very vulnerable” Natanz uranium enrichment facilities are attacked “by Israel or the West.”

It is unclear why the IRGC would point out that one of its most important facilities was susceptible to an air strike. It is true, however, that Natanz has been the target of two significant attacks over recent years, including last April when an explosion rocked the site that reportedly set its work back nine months.

Tehran blamed Israel for the “nuclear terrorism.” Jerusalem issued no comment over the incident.

The Emad is one of several long-range missiles that Iran has developed with the range to reach any point in Israel. The mainland United States is thousands of miles away, but the video claims that its intercontinental ballistic missile “gives Iran the ability to turn New York into a heap of rubble from Hell.”

What certainly could be in danger from many of the mullahs’ missiles and UAV’s are U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf or its facilities in allied countries.

Iran has hit American bases in Iraq several times over recent years from the air, for example, as well striking Saudi Arabian oil fields by way of their proxy Houthi forces in Yemen.

When U.S. President Joe Biden was in Israel earlier this month, he said that “all options were on the table” if a nuclear deal with Iran could not be signed. However, he would not be pushed by Prime Minister Yair Lapid into making a clear military threat against Tehran if it went much further in developing a nuclear weapon.


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